Beyond Bowing: A Deep Dive into Embodied Jewish Prayer

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This event finished on 21 April 2021

When:  6 Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm
Beginning March 17

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $162RegisterThis course is offered via Open Circle Jewish Learning courses at Hebrew College

We are commanded to love G*d bechol me’odecha — with all our being. What could that mean other than a call to be present in our bodies as we pray? Singing, mumbling, ‘shuckling,’ bending the knees and bowing . . . traditional Jewish prayer is full of movement.

Join me in this six-week series as we draw on the unique process of Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® to develop a deep sense of mind-body-heart connection, put in context by close reading of select passages from psalms, the siddur, and rabbinic and Hassidic teachings. 

Each 90-minute class will include time for text-study (together or in hevrutah pairs), an Awareness Through Movement exploration, and a short maariv (evening) service as a sort of “reference movement” in which we can put what we are learning into practice. There will also be opportunities for participants to reflect on the specific experiences in the class and their prayer life outside of class.

All are welcome, regardless of experience with movement, text, or Jewish prayer (though some familiarity with the prayerbook is a plus). This course is for anyone who wants to elevate their experience of prayer, or explore the integration of movement and spirituality.

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