Action, Awareness, and the Fullness of Life: Embodiment and the ‘Four Worlds’ of Kabbalah

Join us for a somatic exploration of the four worlds of doing, feeling, thinking and pure being (Asiya, Yetzirah, Bri’ah & Atzilut).  Learn to become aware of each level of experience, and discover for yourself how to bring this awareness into your actions, allowing you to live a more full and satisfying life.

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education was not developed to be Jewish or mystical, though it is concerned with the exploration of different qualities of action and attention.

Moshe Feldenkrais used to say that his method’s effectiveness lay in its ability to make the abstract concrete. In this workshop we will use this strength of the the Feldenkrais Method to form a framework in which participants will be able to concretely experience action within each of the abstract four worlds.

“I have nothing but effusive praise for what you pulled off in two hours at the synagogue. You definitely should do more sessions like that. You really achieved (at least for me) the effects you described; I felt each level. And I took it home and to work with me; it is having a halo effect on my behavior.”

Congregant, in response to Four Worlds workshop at Temple Shir Tikvah, Winchester
  • Text skills required: none.
  • Movement skills: familiarity with mindful movement disciplines is helpful, but by now means required
  • Format available: 2.5 hour workshop