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Healing Sleep retreat
Thursday-Sunday, July 11-14, 2019

If you’ve ever been to a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class, you’ve probably experienced the wonderful, and at times profound, changes that can take place through this method in your body and in your sense of self.

Now imagine what could happen over the course of three whole days, as you go deeper and deeper into your senses, and flesh out the map of your self-image.

This year’s retreat will focus on the healing power of sleep, using the Sounder Sleep System® for movement meditation tools you can use to manage insomnia, stress, and anxiety.


Retreat begins Thursday, July 11 at 10 AM, with optional introduction Wednesday night. I recommend you plan to arrive for dinner on Wednesday to settle in.

Bring a light blanket and your second favorite pillow (your favorite one should stay on your bed at home!)

$150 program free. Please register by July 1!
(*Plus room & board, which varies depending on accommodations and length of stay)

About the Sounder Sleep System®

couple in bed, one sleeping, one awake

The Sounder Sleep System is based on the discovery that specific small, slow, repeated physical movements can shift us from the active, waking state to a state of profound physical and mental repose. When we reach that tranquil state, if we need sleep, we will fall asleep.

I personally have found this work to be hugely beneficial not only to my sleep, but to my general level of anxiety and tension, and even to the specific issues I faced with the chronic hand tension that led me to Feldenkrais work in the first place. I honestly do not think I would have been able to beat the tendonitis and play again if it were not for the Sounder Sleep System.

How does it work?

The Sounder Sleep System exploits the two fundamental, opposing principles of the human nervous system, excitation and inhibition, to produce its sleep-inducing effects. Of the two principles, inhibition is an all-important factor when it comes to sleep. Falling asleep is a process in which the overall balance of excitation and inhibition in the brain (so-called “cortical excitability”) is strongly shifted in favor of inhibition. As a result, cerebral processing slows down to a fraction of waking levels, cognitive activity is much reduced, metabolic activity slows, and the entire body becomes still. This is the natural process by which we fall asleep.


About the retreat

Whitton Pond

This retreat is modeled on the process used in professional Feldenkrais Practitioner training. We will do a mixture of Awareness Through Movement lessons and Sounder Sleep techniques each day, allowing time for both rest and discussion between lessons to help you integrate what you have experienced. The program will take place in the morning and early afternoon, leaving you free to enjoy everything else that World Fellowship has to offer for the rest of the day.

The Venue

Bring the whole family!

World Fellowship Center

World Fellowship Center
is an is an educational, international, interracial, multicultural, intergenerational vacation center offering a unique environment to renew body, mind and spirit. Set amid 455 acres in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, the World Fellowship Center invites people from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and identities to share their vacations and ideas in a peaceful, rustic setting.

The Schmauch Meeting Room, where classes are heald The teaching space

Above: World Fellowship’s Schmauch Meeting Room, were we have our classes — outside and in. The space comfortably holds twelve students.

camping economy double regular single "our best" double

Lodging options vary from camping to comfy.

Delicious home-style meals feature fresh-baked bread and produce from World Fellowship’s on organic gardens. (Meat is also served.) The cooks are responsive to individual dietary needs, and there are also modest kitchens where you can make your own food.

There’s also a beautiful lake with swimming and boating, lots of hiking nearby (stay a few days, and enjoy hiking in your tuned-up post-retreat body!), and lots of fascinating programming going on all the time.

World Fellowship Center

Visit to learn more.


Click here to find out what else will be going on at World Fellowship Center While we’re there!


Register for the workshop when you make your reservations with World Fellowship Center at
Due to space constraints, enrollment will be limited to twelve, so make your reservations now!

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