Events at Watertown Center for Healing Arts – Chs. River Room

“Just RELAX!”

How many times have you heard a teacher or coach say this? Maybe you’ve heard it so many times, you say it to yourself. Or maybe you’re a music teacher and have resorted to saying this yourself when you could see your students working against themselves.

And how do you (or your students) respond to this exhortation?

We all know that we carry around unnecessary tension.  It might be less apparent that we almost always approach a challenging task with more effort than necessary.  Have you ever noticed that we often meet any challenge – including mental and emotional challenges – with holding our breath? In today’s world of “24/7” and “giving 200 percent” we need, more than ever, to learn Moshe Feldenkrais’ lessons about the difference between trying our hardest and doing our best. In this class, we will learn to engage with the pervasive habit of meeting challenge with effort. Through the process of Awareness Through…