Events at Cambridge Music Consortium

“Just RELAX!”

How many times have you heard a teacher or coach say this? Maybe you’ve heard it so many times, you say it to yourself. Or maybe you’re a music teacher and have resorted to saying this yourself when you could see your students working against themselves.

And how do you (or your students) respond to this exhortation?

When: Sundays,  2:30-4:30 pm July 12, 26, August 16, 30, 2015 Where: Cambridge Music Consortium 315 Broadway, Cambridge, MA Cost: $18 pre-registered, $20 at the door  Join me for this exciting experiment! Part Awareness Through Movement class, part masterclass – YOU set the agenda! What do you want to work on? What’s holding you back as a musician? At each meeting I will work with one or more musicians with related questions in an improvisatory, master-class format that will include the other students present. Do you all have versions of the same question? How does it come into play for you? I…

This class uses the unique process of Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® to address issues of specific concern to musicians. We will cover a wide range of topics, from the anatomy and ergonomics of music-making to the more elusive areas of performance anxiety, stage presence, inspiration, and creativity.