Event Tag: Movement

The relationship between movement and sound will be made explicit in this special Feldenkrais workshop for musicians. Through gentle Awareness Through Movement lessons you will learn to listen to your body and use what you have learned to improve on your own. We will spend some time working with participants playing their instruments or singing to see how the movements apply to performance.

Balanced, Grounded, Centered…. We use these physical ideas to describe our emotional states, but is there a real relationship between the physical and the emotional? When you are emotionally balanced, will it be easier for you to walk a real tight-rope? When you feel the center of your body, are you more emotionally centered? (And where is the center of your body anyway? Experts may disagree!). We will not be walking any literal tightropes in this workshop, but we will refine the feeling of our center as we move, and explore the effects on our state of mind as well…

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