Spiral Power Class (Tuesdays)

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This event finished on 03 June 2014

How will your life be different when you can:

  • Roll over smoothly and effortlessly in bed – without waking yourself (or your partner, if you have one)
  • Get out of bed (or out of a chair or even up off the floor) in a smooth, elegant spiral
  • Feel the ground under your feet pushing up through your skeleton so you can hold your head high with ease
  • Walk, run, or exercise with powerful, flowing movements
  • Experience your arms and hands being free and supported*

All human movement is to some extent spiralic, because we have spirals everywhere in our body, right down to our DNA. Spiraling movements feel so good and work so well because they follow the natural contours of our body’s structure.

Take a look at the beautiful movements of Ruth Alon in this video “Movement Nature Meant.” Around minute 5:00 she asks “how do you cope with gravity in a way that is both comfortable and efficient? You are guided to search for the effortless trajectory, by following the wisdom of the spiral” Can you see role spirals play in the comfort and efficiency of her movements?

In this class you will learn to develop this sort of comfort and efficiency by tapping into the flow of your natural spirals. You’ll discover how everything can be easier, more powerful, and more satisfying: from walking and running, to the practice of sports, to rolling over in bed.

* I have personally found – and still find – these to be some of the most essential patterns in the recovery of my own hand function from chronic, debilitating tendonitis, to a hands-on healer and performing musician.

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