Spiral Arms, Nimble Hands, Supple Back

Event Details

A spiral reach creates Adam on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel

Would you like to improve the strength and agility of your fingers? Learn to move from your back.

Would you like a more comfortable back and neck? Try getting your arms involved.

Everything is connected to everything in the human body.  What may look like a limitation in one place is in reality a limitation of the whole system. The good news is that, by the same token, an improvement anywhere can be an improvement throughout the whole system — if we pay attention to the connections.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the relationship between your hands and your back, and the most evident paths of these connection are spiralic. In this workshop you feel these connections clearly – from the bottoms of your feet to the the tips of your fingers.

A personal note: This workshop explores the pattern that I have found – and still find – to be the most helpful in the recovery of my own hand function from chronic, debilitating tendonitis, to a hands-on healer and performing musician.

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