Sounder Sleep® for Insomnia, Stress, and Anxiety

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This event finished on 14 September 2020

Sleeping Woman at nightHave you been having a harder time keeping a steady sleep schedule lately? You’re not alone! Insomnia has been on a steady rise in our culture for some time now, and has been a particular challenge for many since the pandemic began.

The Sounder Sleep System® will give you the skills to calm your nervous system throughout the day, and prepare you for restorative sleep at night. The System is based on the discovery that certain small, slow, repeated physical movements can shift us from the active, waking state to a state of profound physical and mental repose. When we reach that tranquil state, if we need sleep, we will fall asleep.

You can find out more about the Sounder Sleep System and how it works at


You can take this class at the scheduled time, or asynchronously, or a combination of the two. Recordings will be uploaded by the end of the day on Tuesdays, and questions submitted by the following Sunday will be addressed by the following class.

Cost: sliding scale $75-$120 for 8 weeks.

Students studying asynchronously may schedule up to two half-hour one-on-one lessons for $25 each to make sure your specific concerns are addressed.

New students are welcome through the second class-meeting (Aug 3), with an expectation that you have done the first week’s recording on your own.


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