The Secrets of Ease-Full Sitting

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Perfect posture baby
Sunday, September 21 2-4:30pm
At The Arlington Center

Whether you sit to meditate, to work at a desk, or, as I do, to play a musical instrument, the quality of what you are doing is deeply affected by how well you sit. We don’t need a physical therapist or a mom to tell us that there is something wrong in our sitting posture: we can feel it in our aching backs and sore shoulders and necks (though we may need a professional to point out to us that our so-called repetitive strain injuries are also linked to the way we hold ourselves as we sit).

The key to improving your sitting posture lies not in the position in which you sit, but in the way you move while you sit. Not just how you move your hands as you reach for a mouse (though that’s important too) but how you organize your back and move your pelvis, how you breathe, and how you receive the support of the floor through your feet and the support of the seat through your bottom.

In this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® workshop you will begin to discover a balanced and dynamic approach to sitting posture and learn some tools to practice and improve at home.

For a more in-depth exploration, join my weekly Awareness Through Movement class.

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