Return to the Center – a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® workshop at the Arlington Center

Event Details

Symbol of scales is made of stones balanced on a boulderBalanced, Grounded, Centered…. We use these physical ideas to describe our emotional states, but is there a real relationship between the physical and the emotional? When you are emotionally balanced, will it be easier for you to walk a real tight-rope? When you feel the center of your body, are you more emotionally centered? (And where is the center of your body anyway? Experts may disagree!).

We will not be walking any literal tightropes in this workshop, but we will refine the feeling of our center as we move, and explore the effects on our state of mind as well as our physical well-being. You will also learn a few quick ways to reinforce the sensations as you move through your daily life.

And yes, with this workshop I will be returning to teaching at the Arlington Center after a hiatus of almost five years. I hope you will join me for this workshop and many more, as well as my weekly class, meeting on Mondays at 5:30 pm, Beginning November 14, 2018!



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