Power and Grace from the Core at Akasha Studio

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One of the principles of the Feldenkrais Method (aside from the principle that there is no principle) is that optimal movement involves even distribution of effort throughout your body. In practical terms, this means allowing the larger muscles in the center of your body to take up more of the work of your larger movements, leaving the small muscles in your extremities free to carry out the refined subtlety of smaller movements.

(For example: if the muscles in your arms are working to hold your arms up as well as moving your fingers as you type, those muscles will become chronically tight and tired. But once you learn to hold your arms up from your torso, the muscles in your arm will become free to do the smaller movements for which they are better suited.)

This workshop will show you how an awareness of your pelvis, spine and shoulder-girdle as they relate to your limbs can make you feel lighter, stronger, and more graceful.

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Sunday, April 29: 2:00 – 4:30 PM
At Akasha Studios: 20 Birch St. Roslindale, MA

Register on the Akasha website (scroll down to find my workshop)
$36 Regular, $30 Early Bird until 4/22/18

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