“Open Phones” – What do you want to learn?

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This event finished on 26 August 2014

Awareness Through Movmement

I generally choose a theme for my classes – breathing, or sitting, or spirals, or whatever – and take care to build one lesson on the other in a coherent series, so that week flows into week in a coherent manner. But I’ve noticed that this is difficult to do over the summer, because all our schedules are in flux, and we can’t expect to be at all, or even most, of an eight- or ten- or even six-class series.

So in the summers I like to offer what I call “Open Phones” in my weekly classes. Like a talk-show, when there’s no set theme, and the callers – that’s you! – get to set the agenda.

So what do you want to learn? What do you want to improve in your movement? Just drop in and let me know! Maybe we’ll all get interested in it enough that I will offer an extended exploration of the topic sometime in the future….

Please note: there will be no class on Tuesday 8/5, or Wednesday 8/6 and 8/27

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