Uncovering Natural Breath

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Girl blowing dandylionWhat’s the best way to breathe?

Through the mouth or through the nose?

More in the belly, or more in the chest?

It it always better to breath deeply?

Some techniques teach the expansion of the abdomen as you breathe in, others as you breathe out. Which is better? As with everything in the wonderful world of the Feldenkrais Method, if the answer isn’t “the pelvis,” it must be “it depends on what you’re doing.”

In this workshop we will explore the options available to us, learn to breathe more fully, and discover the effect of these changes on our posture, comfort, actions, and outlook on life.

p.s. are we sure the answer isn’t really the pelvis? Come to the workshop and find out!

p.p.s. we will be doing a more in-depth exploration to breath and its myriad ramifications in this summer’s World Fellowship retreat in July!

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2 thoughts on “Uncovering Natural Breath

  1. Isabel ("Lee") Alder

    This workshop does sound like it could be helpful and interesting. I’m assuming it is helpful for everyone but specifically possibly more so for vocal musicians? Or even for someone like myself who is interested in becoming more professional as a Singer?!
    Last question – Do we need to reserve a spot for this Workshop on June 8th in advance?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Lee, thanks for writing!

      Well we do all breathe, so I imagine it would be helpful for anyone 🙂

      But yes, I do think it would be particularly beneficial to singers! We learn a lot of very specific things to do with our breath in order to sing. But because we’re controlling our breath as we sing, we’re also getting in the way of the natural flow of the breath. The point of this workshop is to ‘unlearn’ some of that technique, so we can then do it more naturally. In this way I think this workshop would be interesting to anyone who has put time into learning specific breathing techniques, including yogis and meditators who use a breath focus.

      I hope you’ll also consider joining me in New Hampshire over the weekend of the 4th of July. In the retreat we’ll have time to explore some issues of particular interest to singers, such as

      • learning to feel the diaphragm and understand what natural ‘breath support’ really is
      • freeing the path of the breath through the mouth, nose and throat, softening the tongue, jaw and sinuses along the way
      • feeling resonance in the sinuses (or what singers call “the mask”)
      • Learning the patten that lifts the soft-palate with the same sort of non-technique that we’ll be learning in this workshop

      And no, you don’t need to register for this workshop on June 8th. Just come! For the retreat, however, please do make your reservations through the World Fellowship Center, since there is limited space on the floor there.


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