Awareness Through Movement at the Arlington Center

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This event finished on 05 June 2019

Join an intimate community of learners — and in this the teacher is very much included — all in different places on their journey of self-discovery. I bring a theme to provide continuity from lesson to lesson, so that each student can come away with a sense of clarity about what they are learning. But inevitably, each student learns something different — something that is relevant to you.

Underlying the season’s theme are always the basic themes of Awareness Through Movement: Learning to become present in our bodies and our experience, to become aware of our habits, to struggle less, and to feel safe in confusion, which is another word for the process of learning. This spring, we are exploring the interaction of movement and breath. 

I have been learning and benefiting from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement since 1978. Of all the ATM practitioners I have studied with, Josh Schreiber’s work has been the most profound. Josh has a gift for pacing and adjusting his ATM lessons to a group and for teaching without allowing his own ego to interfere. He leads one through movement lessons in a way that facilitates inward focus and discovery. I always look forward to another class with Josh.

— Jonathan Ammen
director of acupuncture,
Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts.

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